Website Redesign – Don't Forget These Three Areas

Let’s be clear: whatever it is that you do, whoever your customer might be, odds are having a good website can help you perform better ...

Don't forget these Three Areas When Redesigning a Website

Let’s be clear: whatever it is that you do, whoever your customer might be, odds are having a good website can help you perform better & generate more business. In reality, 85% of B2B customers look you up on the internet before they decide whether to work with you or not.

Yes, your potential clients check you out on the internet. Yes, chance of your website being a go-to place for the first impression of your organization is extremely high. You better make sure it portrays who you are and truly reflects the image you want to have.

I. Answering the questions of your audience

People come to your website for one or several reasons. Make sure you identify those reasons properly and address them in a way that is easy to consume.

II. Visitor’s journey

Remember, your visitors are always just a click away from leaving. Once they start to feel lost, your chance of presenting yourself in the right way disappears. First, understand the best way to interact with particular sections. Second, create simple and clear navigation concept that helps visitors move through the website easily, find what they are looking for and take action.

III. Calls to action (CTA)

Though key, they are often forgotten. Strong CTA needs to be clear and attention grabbing. More precise it is in expressing what exactly visitors need to do, more effectively they perform.

Sometimes, a good outcome is a result of luck and you too can stumble into success. More often, however, without strategically thinking through the concept your growth will never hit the full potential.


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